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Love Pinterest, but wish it were easier to shop for that shift dress you spotted on your friend’s board? Now you can with The Fancy.

Part store, part blog, part wish list, The Fancy is like a virtual magazine that allows you not only to post images and connect with like-minded users but also shop the items you select--often at deeply discounted prices.

To get started, create a profile and drag the handy bookmarklet to your desktop. Each time you come across an image on the Web that inspires you, “Fancy it” by clicking said bookmarklet. You can also browse other people’s boards for inspiration and fancy their awesome finds--say, an Eames chaise or a walnut iPhone case.

The Fancy has partnered with tons of brands to offer one-of-a-kind deals and discounts, which you unlock by fancying various items. For instance, we recently scored 10 percent off Warby Parker frames after falling for some seemingly unrelated Rosé-tinted wine bottles. You can also shop any item directly from the site, regardless of whether or not it’s on sale.

For some particularly fabulous picks, follow PureWow’s ever-growing Fancy account. Just don’t blame us when you get totally addicted.

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