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Trial and error may be the age-old solution to most problems, but when it comes to testing products on our face, we?d like the process to be a bit more direct. Two new technologies just launched that give a clearer picture of what?s to come.

mySkin iPhone app We?ve had bookmarked for some time, but now its free iPhone app makes it even easier to keep track of our skin care needs. With the swipe of an index finger, you can take a brief skin assessment to determine your history and sensitivities. The app then suggests products for you to save, review and chat about with fellow users.

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ Beauty powerhouse Sephora and color-naming kings Pantone have teamed up to change the way you shop for foundation. Thanks to an advanced camera, the Pantone Capsure, Sephora store employees will soon be able to take photos of your face and assign an exact color number to your skin tone. You then enter the number in the store?s Universal SkinTone Library iPad app to discover the makeup that matches it perfectly. While it?s available only in select stores now, look for it nationwide later this year.

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