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You know those burning medical questions that kinda can’t wait until your next appointment?

Now there’s a handy alternative to frantically phoning your GP at 3 a.m. (or going into a Google shame spiral): HealthTap, a free new web and mobile app that polls doctors for answers to your health queries.

Partnered with thousands of licensed physicians around the country, HealthTap helps you get quick responses to (and multiple opinions on) just about any subject. Simply type in your specific worry (Can I mix Tylenol and Zyrtec? How do I know if I’m narcoleptic?); if the site doesn’t already have a few good responses, it will contact relevant doctors to get them. You’ll receive an e-mail once your question has been answered (ours took about a day), and the whole exchange will live anonymously on the website for the benefit of others.

If you’d rather keep your medical chatting totally private, you can pay $10 for a virtual one-on-one consult, and there’s never a fee to search for and book flesh-and-blood appointments with local docs.

Of course, you can’t get actual diagnoses or prescriptions through HealthTap, but as a way to quell your everyday medical worries, the site is pretty efficient.

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