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Click and Grow
Click and Grow

No matter how green our thumbs may be, we'd never eschew technology that helps make them, well, greener. Below, our favorite new garden gadgets for saving time (and sanity):

The Easy Bloom Plant Sensor Ever have trouble intuiting your soil's needs? No more, thanks to this cute and handy gizmo ($44) which you stick in the ground, then plug into your USB port for instant info including a moisture reading, suggestions for what will thrive in your garden, and tips on how to properly care for what's already growing there.

PRO XE Compost Bin For anyone who's found composting to be more trouble than advertised, we've got good news: A new, electronic bin ($400) mixes, heats and aerates your scraps, creating usable compost in a few weeks' time. Plus, since it's the same size and shape as a regular trash can, you don't have to worry about it taking over your kitchen.

Click and Grow Windowsill gardening gets democratized with this new device, which promises reliable plant growth with almost no maintenance. Fill the reusable, all-in-one planter ($88 plus international shipping) with the company's special seed cartridge, along with batteries and a little bit of water, and Click and Grow's internal sensors do the rest to bring you a beautiful flower or plant bed within 14 days.

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