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We love our Pandora and as much as the next lady, but sometimes we miss the spontaneity of old-fashioned radio, which is why we can't stop raving about, a free website and mobile app that lets you listen to live music and talk radio broadcasts from across the country.

With access to 750 stations, in 150 US cities, iheartradio is kind of like your all-access pass to American local radio. Type in any zip code to see all participating area stations, then click on whichever you like and an instant broadcast (sans commercials) streams right to your computer or smart phone.

Alternately, you can search by genre to find, say, classic rock or Latin channels you might not otherwise know about. Plus, iheartradio offers exclusive content like live concerts and interviews (we're particularly loving this intimate Adele performance).

The app is available for a number of Apple and Android devices, for portability that's a little sleeker than a boom box. But we're most excited about the new iPad version, which has a user-friendly interface (information about bands scrolling by as you're listening to them, easy bookmarking for favorite stations, etc.) and lets you buy music you like directly from iTunes with a single click.

You may never again have to worry about driving out of range.

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