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The problem with aromatherapy is twofold. One: Sandalwood may smell nice, but who actually understands what it does? Two: We're suspicious of anything that falls into the "snake-oil-hocus-pocus" category.

Which is why we were so pleasantly surprised by 21 Drops, a line of beautifully packaged essential oils that target specific symptoms without making any lofty medical claims.

Branded by needs ranging from headache and PMS, to focus and willpower, each of the 8.5-milliliter tubes ($28) is intended to be gently inhaled or dabbed on a pressure point for topical absorption. The company makes it clear that their 21 blends are not to be confused with perfume, but when we experimented, we felt like we were using a very subtle, very calming fragrance (i.e., they smell good, too).

The smartly bundled scent trios ($74)--like Cold & Flu Fighters (Pain Relief, Immunity, Decongest) and Travel Well (Immunity, Digest, Sleep)--are great for gifts, while a solo vial of De-Stress could go a long way for a friend in need.

So do they cure what ails you? We can't say for sure, but we're willing to try a whiff of Abstain next time the Oreo box calls.

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