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Thanks to the wonderful world of online shopping, you can now buy lipstick, lobster and laundry detergent all without leaving your desk. But if you’ve ever had the experience of knowing you placed an order but forgetting the relevant details (arrival date, cost, exactly how many pairs of loafers you maniacally ordered at 2 a.m.), then the new Web and mobile tool Slice should be your new best friend.

Think of this free app as an automatic organizer for all your e-purchases. You link up your Gmail or Yahoo! account (more options coming soon) and Slice scans your inbox for relevant confirmation emails. Using this information, it provides you with an organized list of everything you’ve got on order, complete with arrival status and a cool map of where your items are in transit.

In addition to the joys of monitoring forthcoming packages, we love that Slice also keeps track of our past deliveries and purchase histories, meaning we can easily recover old receipts or even just remember what on earth we got for Mom for her birthday last year.

Follow your orders in real time from anywhere with handy iPhone and Android apps. And take solace in the fact that you may never again have to chase down the UPS truck.

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