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Love dealing with your health insurance company? Yeah, we didn?t think so.

Figuring out who pays what, which doctors are considered ?in network? and how on earth a simple blood test could cost $300 is no easy feat. Luckily, there?s a new, totally free website that aims to make the process more intuitive.

Like a for the insurance world, CakeHealth connects with your provider or providers (most of the major ones are supported) to pull your expense data into one simple list. You can quickly see how much you?ve paid out of pocket this year, how much insurance has covered and which claims are still pending. Plus, you don?t need to do any tricky calculations to figure out why you were charged a certain amount or how close you are to meeting a deductible.

In addition to getting all this info at a glance, we like that CakeHealth is particularly attuned to billing mistakes and duplications and will notify you immediately if it senses something wonky. Plus, it reminds you about any benefits you might not be taking advantage of--eye exams, teeth cleanings and the like.

As for the wait at the optometrist?s office, there?s nothing anyone can do about that.

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