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As anybody who has ever tried to get a piano into a U-Haul knows, moving stinks. But now it can be just a little bit less loathsome, thanks to Updater, a new website for managing changes of address.

Whereas in the olden days (read: last year) you might have had to alert a million different people about your move, Updater streamlines the process by notifying companies and individuals on your behalf. Just enter your old address, new address and moving date and Updater?s Smooth Move tool helps you figure out who to tell--the U.S. Postal Service, your magazine subscriptions, the kids? schools, the electric company, etc.--and then does the dirty work of filing your changes for you. The handy moving checklist was particularly useful for reminding us of agencies we might have forgotten, like the IRS or the DMV.

While the basic service is free, for $10 you can also get yourself unsubscribed from three years? worth of junk mail, which is great for anybody who has more Oriental Trading catalogs than she knows what do with.

Plus, the site will hook you up with exclusive deals at stores that cater to the recently relocated.

New beginning, here you come.

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