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This spring, we're not relying on the rain to get pretty flowers. Instead, we're investing in hand-pressed floral accessories from jewelry designer Mali Sabatasso.

Inspired by the exotic flora of Hawaii, St. Thomas and Senegal (all places she's called home at one time or another), Sabatasso has rendered a lovely collection of belts, rings and necklaces with carefully arranged bouquets in the center.

We love the brass rings with tiny, bright blossoms ($287), and this leather belt with Queen Anne's Lace, orange Hydrangea and red rose petals ($448). Sabatasso also creates custom floral jewelry, which has gained a following among brides who want to preserve their wedding bouquets.

In addition to her pressed-flower jewelry, Sabatasso has several delicately crafted collections: Earth features pieces made from stones like agate and turquoise, Sea consists of real seahorses preserved in gold, and Sky is a mix of hand-pressed butterflies, and peacock-feather accessories.

Getting back to nature has never been so stylish.

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