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While we've been known to unfairly blame cooking mishaps on inanimate objects ("The crockpot totally ruined the jambalaya..."), we firmly believe that well-designed cookware leads to well-cooked meals. Hence our love of Dreamfarm's intelligent and handsome kitchen products.

The Australian company has long impressed us with their clever gadgets, specifically engineered to avoid common cooking snafus. Take, for instance, their genius Chobs ($10)--little feet that raise your cutting board so you're free to use both sides--or the equally adorable, three-in-one Oni knife ($20).

So it's no surprise to find ourselves keen on their latest offering, the Chopula ($10), which is the smartest spatula to have ever hit our skillets. As its name implies, the Chopula is a flexible flipper, stirrer and dicer in one. Use it to scrape the corners of your pans (scratch-free), chop hot food as it simmers, or turn over the most delicate of pancakes. Plus, it uses the same design as Dreamfarm's award-winning Clongs ($15) to prevent cooking-goo from dirtying your counters (a little bend in the handle keeps the part that touches food elevated).

A word of warning: You might have to take responsibility the next time you botch the ragù.

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