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Clockwise from top: Anthropologie Garvey Chair, Odd Hero print, StudioParto market bag, Trudee Hill rings

Feeling a tad wordy? Take your interest past the bookshelves with these surprising new ways to get the font-friendly look:

Fashion How better to express your thoughts than through your wardrobe: Wear these silver, individual-letter Trudee Hill rings ($54) on their own or stacked to spell out your favorite word. Or, take your message to go with StudioPartó's adorable, linen market bags ($84), complete with labeled pockets for keys and phone.

Decor We also like bringing the letter look home. The graphic cushion on this low-slung Anthropologie chair ($998) brings to mind a retro, New York City-subway sign. Meanwhile, the overlapping (and upside-down) sans serif on the Gunnar Aagaard Andersen fabric ($125 a yard) is pure, mid-century Scandinavian chic.

Art A picture's worth a thousand words--especially when it's composed of letters. We love new prints like this bold Odd Hero offering ($189 to $380) and this ladylike gem ($97) from the Keep Calm Gallery, but we're also always on the lookout for fun, vintage posters with typographic flair.

Tech Finally, no typography roundup would be complete without our favorite, font-identifying website. Simply upload an image of any font, no matter how wacky, and this new web app will accurately name it for you (so you can request it for your forthcoming garden-party invitations, or some such). The future truly is now.

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