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Like forbidden romance, foreboding mansions and fabulous, Victorian capes swishing across the dreary English moors? Then you'll love Jane Eyre, the bold, new film adaption of Charlotte Brontë 's timeless masterpiece, which Elle deems "fiercely intelligent and passionate."

Directed by Cary Fukenaga (Sin Nombre) and starring Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, The Kids are All Right), Jamie Bell, Dame Judi Dench and Michael Fassbender, Jane Eyre tells the story of a young governess with a troubled childhood, who softens the heart of her mysterious employer, only to discover he's hiding a terrible secret...

Us Weekly calls it "romantic, thrilling and often scary," while Rolling Stone says it's "a classic for a new generation."

And the stars are just as enthusiastic. At the recent New York premiere, Mia Wasikowska (who wore a gorgeous black, feathered cocktail dress) said she fell in love with the classic book a few years ago and had been hoping to land the coveted Jane role ever since. And as for the scrumptious Michael Fassbender? Well he said that while at first he was dubious, eventually he grew to understand and like the brooding Mr. Rochester.

See what all the buzz is about at select theaters nationwide.

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