After working on one too many photo shoots devoid of pretty props, former food stylist Caroline Swift took matters into her own hands--literally.

For the past three years, she's been hand-crafting exquisite bowls, spoons, plates and eggcups for her eponymous porcelain company. Her collection is so beautiful, we'll think of any excuse to host a dinner party.

Swift's creations may appear too delicate for everyday use, but she assures us they're perfectly durable (and though she recommends hand-washing, her products are dishwasher-safe). We love her nearly translucent, yet surprisingly sturdy, bone-china bowls ($70 for three) and her dainty, tea and pudding spoons ($104 a pair), which are entirely too lovely for a drawer.

And, as if her flatware wasn't special enough, Swift recently debuted a stunning collection of hand-blown glass centerpieces that also make decorative wall hangings ($75 and up). These droplets are crafted in Italy, painted with gold and silver finishes, and come wrapped in a cute, white box with a bone-china tag.

Now our table setting is truly complete.

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