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The cafes, the art, the strolls through les jardins while stuffing one’s face with brioche: We’d really enjoy a Parisian getaway right about now.

But short of an actual vacation, we’ll take these three new books all about the City of Lights:

Dreaming in French While many impressionable women have spent a life-changing semester in Paris, this book tells the story of three particularly prominent ones: Jacqueline Bouvier, Susan Sontag and Angela Davis. From the future Mrs. Kennedy’s lifelong obsession with French culture to Sontag’s bohemian immersion to Davis’s trailblazing activism, author Alice Kaplan artfully blends biography and travelogue.

Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down Smoky bistros and expat parties may be cliché, but in Rosecrans Baldwin’s droll new memoir, the lifelong Francophile explores how Americanized modern-day Paris has become. We love his ruminations on romantic text messaging, frozen-food aisles and the McDonald’s underneath the Louvre.

French Kids Eat Everything When Karen le Billon first moved to France, she was a staunch defender of her children’s American eating habits. She quickly changed her mind, however, and in her new memoir-cum-advice-book, extols the virtues of French children’s cuisine. It’s very Bringing Up Bébé, but with more beets.

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