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For centuries, Asian cultures have used white charcoal to remove toxins, purify the air and even boost circulation. While we can't vouch for this mineral's power to transform our chi, we can safely say that one look at these beautiful Sort of Coal products already has us feeling rejuvenated.

This Danish company sources charcoal from sustainably harvested forests in Japan and Korea, and turns it into naturally detoxifying products for everything from the body to the kitchen. The deep-cleansing Kuro soap ($24) thoroughly absorbs impurities in the skin without drying it, while the invigorating Shiro shampoo ($39) has a fresh, woodsy scent that we're addicted to.

Looking to clean house? Start with the Bincho water purifier ($96), a natural version of the Brita filter that replaces chlorine with good-for-you minerals, and comes in a gorgeous, hand-blown glass bottle. We also like the Kuro cube ($24), which was originally designed to remove refrigerator odors, but works wonders on other small spaces like cars and closets (plus, it's a serious upgrade from a plastic air-freshener).

All orders placed on the Sort of Coal website are automatically converted from Euros to U.S. Dollars, and shipped worldwide. Select items are sold at various shops across the country.

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