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Spring is here, and our migratory birds are back--and they’re hungry. In a conservationist bid--and also to keep these lovely robins, warblers and blue jays in our yard--we’re putting out delicious birdseed from Pacific Bird & Supply, a new company with a website and packaging that’s boutique-beautiful.

From the site (which won a prestigious design award), you can choose products based upon the birds you want to attract. There are suet (animal fat) cakes of mealworm and peanut, mealworm and berry or insect and hot pepper ($3.50) for colorful woodpeckers, finches and nuthatches. Other offerings include Mealworm Treat ($5) for robins and chickadees, while Cricket Treat ($5) nourishes bluebirds and cardinals.

Started by two girlhood chums with a lifelong passion for birding, Pacific Bird & Supply’s products echo the current artisanal food craze for humans. Products are made of pesticide-free worms and insects for protein, as well as yummy-sounding treats including seeds, dried fruits and nuts. All contain no potentially harmful artificial preservatives or binders. 

There is even a collection of bird feeders, including a clever little wire box ($9) that holds one suet cake--or even cut-up fruit. The only thing the beautifully designed site is missing is a birdbath--and the twittering of our feasting feathered friends.

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