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The NOOK with GlowLight is easily adjustable

Whether you’re devouring Henry James or E.L. James, the fact remains that you want your reading experience to be ideal.

Here, three new technological innovations that make being a book lover easier than ever:

NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight If we had one complaint about the first few generations of e-readers, it was the inability to read in the dark. Barnes and Noble’s newest NOOK model ($135) corrects this oversight with the introduction of a warm, adjustable backlight. Just think how many lights-on-or-off arguments such technology will avert. Like Netflix for movies or Spotify for songs, this just-launched service allows unlimited streaming of more than 11,000 audio books for $25 a month. Because the tomes live in the cloud, you don’t have to deal with downloading, plus you can access your library on any Wi-Fi-enabled device and pick up reading exactly where you left off.

1DollarScan Short on shelf space but not ready to entirely part with your old art-history books? Ship them off to this space-minded company, which will scan the contents ($1 per 100 pages) and send you a replica PDF via download or DVD. Just be sure you don’t need the books back; 1DollarScan cuts the spines and recycles the pages.

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