We've all got that friend who uses the lack of time or money as an excuse to not go into therapy. Or maybe we are that friend. Regardless, we/they have a point: Life is busy and it's hard to devote energy to mental well-being.

Enter Pretty Padded Room, a new, women-only website that facilitates online video- or chat-therapist sessions (on your own schedule) with licensed female counselors. The whole therapy-by-internet thing might sound impersonal, but Pretty Padded Room makes the experience feel intimate and legit.

Choose from five licensed counselors--all ACA-affiliated and each with a different specialty (dreams, body image, stress management, new mothers' issues, etc.). Next, try out the service with a free 30-minute session, where you'll go over all the standard first-time stuff and make sure the therapist is someone you feel comfortable talking to.

Then sign up for a basic membership ($100 per month for four 30-minute sessions), bonus membership ($150 for 45 minutes) or a "digital diary" plan ($50 a month) that gets you three journal consults with the counselor of your choice.

It's not a replacement for long-term, face-to-face therapy, but it is a great alternative for anyone pressed for time and looking for introspection.

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