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Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, weddings: 'Tis the season for major life events. You could bequeath expected presents like ties or cheese trays, or you could let the Wisdom of Others help you create a much more personal offering.

Essentially a website for creating one-of-a-kind quote books, the Wisdom of Others recognizes that the best gift is often life advice. What you do is gather relevant sayings from friends and family; what you get is a lovely hardcover book (starting at $30 each) filled with personalized quotes for the birthday girl/bar mitzvah boy/blissfully wedded couple/etc.

To get started, you'll create a basic template by determining your recipient and what question you want to ask: Things like "What's the secret to a happy marriage?" or "Name your favorite life lesson" are good examples. Next, you invite contributors to provide quotes via email, Facebook, Twitter or personalized URL. (Should such things befuddle great-aunt Ida, you can type her inscription yourself.)

Once all the quotes are in and you've vetted them carefully, the site will turn your little masterpiece into a charming leather-bound book.

We love the sleek, minimalist design, not to mention the opportunity to finally impart solicited advice.

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