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We know we should spend more time exercising, but lately we?re more pinot noir than Pilates.

Here to help us get back on track--and stay there--is Sessions, a new online service that creates bespoke workout plans based on your lifestyle and fitness goals. For $30 a month, clients get weekly exercise plans, nonintrusive reminders from a health coach and phone follow-ups to keep motivated.

After a personal consultation about your daily routine, preferred activities and favorite fitness locales, a coach will generate a customized weekly workout schedule and help you monitor your progress on Fitbit, RunKeeper and Foursquare.

The human reinforcement is most motivating: When we told founder Nick Crocker our plan to run a 10K this summer, he sent us a schedule with the best running routes in our neighborhood and strength-building classes we could take before work, and gave us Wednesday nights off for book club. Throughout the week, we received texts with healthy eating tips and Google calendar invites for yoga class.

Need more incentive to break out the sneakers? PureWow readers who sign up for Sessions now will get three months for the price of one ($29).

Sure beats watching Downton Abbey on the stationary bike.

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