If you've ever been so anxious that you've maniacally knotted your own hair, shredded five napkins or repeatedly punched an unsuspecting throw pillow, we've got good news: There's now a less destructive way to use your hands to work through your tension.

Mohdoh--or, as we like to call it, Play-Doh for adults--is the great "squidgy" meeting of aromatherapy, tactile-play therapy and color therapy. Each of the nontoxic, vibrantly hued, moldable doughs ($8) is infused with lovely smelling essential oils that are, in turn, absorbed into your skin as you knead away.

The nine available scents all purport to relieve various ailments-- stress, insomnia, headaches, lack of focus. And though we didn't notice a major difference in results among the varietals, the act of massaging the stuff was undoubtedly therapeutic.

The company suggests using Mohdoh for up to ten minutes at a time, but we found ourselves wanting to play with it pretty much constantly--at our desks, in meetings and while watching television.

After all, even if the Slim didn't overtly stop our sweets cravings, it did keep us occupied enough to avoid reaching for a second brownie.

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