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new tools for germaphobes
Violight toothbrush sanitizer, Simple Human sensor pump, iSkin Duo

Toilet seats. Door knobs. Six-year-olds. The world is clearly riddled with enough dirt and bacteria to make you never want to leave home.

Luckily, we've found three new tools designed to keep the germs (and your Howard Hughes-like tendencies) at bay.

Toothbrush sanitizer We'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say there are a lot of really gross things living on your toothbrush. Violight's four-brush sanitizer ($50) uses germicidal UV bulbs to break down 99.9 percent of bacteria and viral DNA, leaving your brush's bristles clean enough to, well, want to put in your mouth.

Sensor pump Asking a kid to wash his hands is pretty much like asking him to rub germs all over your faucet and soap dispenser. Not so with Simple Human's sensor pump ($45), which employs motion-sensing technology to keep grubby hands from touching anything until they're clean.

iSkin Can't keep your fingers off your iPad? Then you're probably spreading germs galore. iSkin's invisible silicone cover ($25) is embedded with an antimicrobial protective layer which inhibits the growth of odors and fungi. Even better: You can remove and wash it in hot water any time it starts to look particularly grimy.

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