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Maybe you never got around to seeing Bill Cunningham New York. Maybe it never came to your town's multiplex. Maybe you're just now learning it exists. Either way, thanks to Tugg, you can bring that film--or one of about 300 others--to your local theater.

Think of this free, crowd-sourced website as a way for regular people to organize one-off screenings of under-the-radar films in pretty much any place (any AMC, Regal or Cinemark theater, at least) at no cost beyond that of a regular ticket.

The way it works is pretty straightforward: You choose a film from Tugg’s extensive database. A representative then works with you to find a theater, arrange a time for your screening (typically an “off” night or hour) and set up an “event page” where people can reserve tickets. Next, you use your social-media savvy to tell all your friends about your film and, once enough people commit (generally about 40 or 50 are needed), the event is good to go.

Current offerings range from new and buzzy (The Tree of Life, the 2012 Oscar-nominated shorts) to classic or cultish (Some Like It Hot, Labyrinth), though you can also place requests if you don’t see what you’re after.

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