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You're about to leave for a dream vacation--a week of sightseeing, beach drinks, floppy sun hats?and lugging your hefty baggage to and from the airport. Here to save you from this arduous task (as well as bag-check fees, long lines and lost luggage) is LugLess, a new doorstep-to-destination delivery service.

Here's how it works: A few days before your own departure, a LugLess representative picks up your luggage and sends it to your final destination via FedEx, making arrangements for safe handling on either end. Then, once you get to where you?re going, your stuff will be there, waiting for you. (LugLess will coordinate with your doorman and hotel concierge.) You pay more for second-day or overnight delivery, which is why we suggest shipping as far in advance as possible.

LugLess operates in every U.S. zip code and just about every country, and it handles all types of baggage, from the standard suitcase (starting at $39) to things like golf bags ($89) and surfboards ($149). Plus, it's a pretty good deal, since it charges just a few dollars more than an airline would on each transaction.

Best of all, the company guarantees that your luggage will arrive on time. If for some reason it doesn't, your delivery is free and they'll reimburse you for any consequential expenses (such as temporary rentals you might need while you await the appearance of your snowshoes).

Now if only they could pack our suitcase, too.

PureWow readers can use the code ?Lugless 10? at checkout to get $10 off their first purchase.

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