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If you've ever thought about sprucing up an old pair of heels, you should meet Gina Nagy Burns, whose custom, hand-painted accessories are so gorgeous, you'll probably end up wanting to rework your entire wardrobe.

The artist got her fabric-painting start a few years ago, revamping friends' pumps with vibrant designs. The idea took hold and she soon founded The Painted Sole, a company committed to hand-painting shoes, belts, hats and purses on commission.

We love her use of intricate detail and bold colors, like on this playful peacock heel, and the almost Klimt-like flowers on this red hat. While clients can certainly choose from these existing looks, Nagy Burns will also work with them--via phone, email or Skype--to create original patterns, often for special events, like weddings or lavish parties.

Customers then mail her their pre-owned or new "blank canvas" items, which she returns within a few weeks, with her one-of-a-kind designs in place.

Prices vary based on detail and surface area (size sixes rejoice), but range from $300 for sandals to $1,000 for tall boots. Well worth the cost, we think, since in addition to the originality factor, each design is painted to last, making for artwork that holds up as long as the item itself.

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