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Word Lens
Word Lens

It's easy to feel befuddled by a foreign phrase. Luckily, modern technology is bridging the language gap with new and clever ways to not get lost in translation:

Word Lens One of the coolest iPhone apps around, WordLens visually translates foreign phrases. Just point your camera to a sign or menu, for example, and behold as the text instantly reappears in English. Though there's currently only a Spanish-English version, more language options are on the way.

VoxOx Ever want to instant message in another language? Now you can with VoxOx, a free online chat program which translates both ends of your bilingual conversation as you type in AIM, Gchat, Facebook and others.

Google Translate The smarties at Google are known for intelligent innovation. So it's no surprise that their online translation service is so versatile and user-friendly. Use it to convert just about any language to any other, or instantly translate your favorite foreign websites to English.

Jibbigo The next time you're trying (and failing) to order in Japanese, let this new iPhone and Android app ($5) do the work for you: Talk into your phone in one language and it will (accurately!) restate your words in another.

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