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We already separate our recyclables, turn down grocery bags and give withering looks to anybody running an unnecessary air conditioner. But we always have the feeling that we could be living a little greener.

This spring?s goal is composting, which--thanks to new, biodegradable products--is easier than ever. Here, a few items we never knew could go in the compost bin.

Makeup brushes Regularly replacing your makeup brushes and applicators is important for warding off germs, but it just feels so wasteful. Eco beauty line Nvey has a better solution--biodegradable brushes in all shapes and sizes ($22 to $54).

Toothbrushes Finally, the alliance of oral health and environmental responsibility: The Acca Kappa?s ($7) degradation time is comparable to that of an oak leaf.

Lip balm We?ve mentioned before what a bummer it is that so many beauty brands use unnecessary packaging. At least now there?s a lip balm ($4) you can compost when you?re finished with it. Fingers crossed that other companies follow the example.

Dog bags Fido also leaves a carbon footprint, which is why we love BioBag?s compostable waste baggies ($15 for 150). Now if only we could train him to pick up after himself.

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