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Panty hose may have improved since the days of garter belts, but there are still times we'd rather not wear them. So we were thrilled to discover these new pairs, specifically designed for the not-so-stocking-friendly places in our lives:

For the nail salon It's always awkward to remove your tights just to get your pedi. Luckily, Glogover Convertibles has you covered (or uncovered, really): Their sheer black or nude hose ($9) feature a flap at the toe, which rolls up for easy nail-painting. Peep-toe wearers rejoice.

For the airport No TSA worker needs to see your mismatched socks-tights combo, but how else can you fit snugly in those fabulous riding boots? By wearing Bootights, of course. These opaque or patterned tights ($30 to $32) have a built-in matching sock for warmth, comfort and security-line pride.

For the ice cream parlor If you've ever felt your control tops go from stomach-cinching to tummy-roll inducing, we've got good news: Commando Legwear. These full and footless tights ($30 to $34) offer a high-cut, dig-free waistband that hits at the ribs (rather than the belly button), making them both flattering and comfortable.

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