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You know when you read a book or watch a TV show or eat a ham sandwich that's so good, you just have to share the word? Here to help is Stamped, a new, free iPhone app (more platforms coming soon) for making and receiving quality recommendations.

Think of Stamped as the happy cyber place where a Facebook "like" meets a Twitter feed. Upon signing up, you'll find yourself credited with 100 "stamps." You give these stamps to anything you love--movies, restaurants, politicians, dog-food brands, etc.--and with each stamp published to your feed, you'll be asked to say a few words about why you're recommending said thing.

Anybody with the app can read your recommendations (for better or worse, all profiles are currently public), and you, in turn, can follow any individual or company to see what's tickling their fancy. We're regularly checking in with Mario Batali, for instance.

The limited stamp count means you can't go endorsing things willy-nilly, but you can earn more stamps by posting stuff your followers find useful. (They grant you "credits.")

Look up "PureWow" to see what we're recommending, and take solace in the fact that your seal of approval need no longer go unnoticed.

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