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We're just going to come out and say it: Exercise can stink. That's why we love Silver Sport towels and yoga mats. This new line of workout gear is embedded with silver ions, which eliminate odor and germs on contact.

Sound like a chemistry project? It is. Scientists found that silver is antibacterial when mixed with water (or in this case, sweat) so Silver Sport's products are scientifically engineered to keep your workouts germ-free. Technically, because they're self-cleaning, they don't even need to be washed.

The Silver Towel ($20) is surprisingly absorbent considering how thin it is (we plan to take it to the pool this summer), and the slip-resistant SilverMat ($50) does the dirty work of killing odor-forming bacteria, so you can focus on your downward dog. Pilates buffs will love the SilverShaper ($40), a massaging cover which slides over standard-size Pilates rollers to kill germs and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

While Silver Sports affiliates itself with yoga and Pilates, we'll use the products for all our mat-based exercise. And we'll finally stop stressing about working up a sweat.

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