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If you're looking to free-up room in your kitchen cabinets, take a cue from the Manhattan skyline and build up.

Dishware sets that stack vertically make the most of limited shelf space--proof that a sum is often greater than its parts. These three sets are long on style, even if your cupboards are short on space:

? Inspired by Florentine palazzi, Seletti's Palace porcelain dishes ($165 to $222 a set) are architectural masterpieces in miniature. Six stacked plates (or bowls) form the structure's facade, while a serving dish doubles as the roof. Sets come in four different sizes--dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl and small bowl--and each includes seven pieces.

? French design studio ibride's Ming dishware ($153 a set) looks like a lacquered vase but breaks down into six melamine bowls. The interior of each bowl is decorated with riffs on traditional, Chinese ink painting, and is available in white or--for a jolt of counter color--cinnabar red.

? Danish designer Christian Bjørn modeled his ovenproof, ceramic Steam Tower ($110) after the bamboo steamer baskets used in Asia. Bjørn's decidedly Scandinavian version is stark white and minimalist chic, going easily from oven to table--it comes with a handy recipe book, too.

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