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Know where your salmon came from
I Love Blue Sea's San Francisco cioppino stew package ($77).

In an age when the expression "plenty of fish in the sea" can't be taken literally, we want to know where our seafood comes from. But how to know what should be caught with hook and line, or when it's safe to buy farm-raised shrimp? Here to answer our questions--and give us the best aquatic fare available--is I Love Blue Sea.

The San Francisco-based company adheres to strict standards set forth by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Greenpeace, and sells a mix of farmed and wild seafood caught in environmentally sound ways. Offerings include beach-cultured oysters from British Columbia ($23 for a dozen), glistening pole-caught albacore tuna ($16 a pound) and delicate fillets of petrale sole ($9.50 a pound), plus plenty of dinner-party-appropriate options like American white sturgeon caviar ($99 per 1 oz. jar) and live Maine lobsters ($45 each).

Fish is caught and filleted within 24 hours of being shipped, then delivered nationwide in eco-friendly packaging. While this makes for costly transport fees (upwards of $50 for overnight deliveries to the East Coast), the selections--like Dungeness crab legs and Prince Edward Island mussels--are the freshest we've ever had.

Catch our drift?

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