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We may think of Hulu as our go-to place for watching old episodes of The Bachelor, but it turns out that the Internet TV site also has a classic, independent side. Case in point: their recent partnership with the Criterion Collection.

The Criterion Collection is the distribution company for important, iconic and contemporary cinema, and as of February, a Hulu Plus membership ($8 a month) gets you unlimited access to instantly stream any of their outstanding movies (which can be hard to find elsewhere).

Culling from the vast history of world film, Criterion has made its name by releasing high-quality DVD and Blu-Ray versions of big-name flicks (Breathless, Rashomon) and little-known indie offerings (such as the 2009 Cannes favorite, Fish Tank)--all with added perks like insider commentary and deleted scenes.

Criterion's collections are great investments for film buffs, but as more casual cinephiles, we like that the Hulu partnership will let us try out--rather than own--hundreds of movies at a fixed, low cost.

Think of it as your own personal, art-house theater--no turtlenecks required.

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