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We know we should go to the gym more often. But if the universe truly wants us to exercise constantly, why, oh why are there things like nine-hour workdays and season two of Downton Abbey?

Luckily, the new, free website Nano Workout lets us have it both ways by offering up easy written routines (along with handy pics) that we can master while we're doing other things.

Here, a few of our favorite new mini workouts:

Shopping Bag Dumbbells (for walks from the Whole Foods)
Try to load your shopping bags with about equal weight. Carry the bags along your sides as you walk and pull your elbows up. Repeat. Lift arms in tandem or one at a time.

Calf Raises (for brushing your teeth)
Push yourself up swiftly on your toes and slowly back down again. Increase resistance by doing it on one foot at a time. Aim for 120 to 150 reps during your two-minute brushing.

Kitchen Dips (for when the water refuses to boil)
This one requires a corner counter. Place your hands securely on the counter and slowly lift your feet from the ground, making your arms as straight as possible. Repeat until the teakettle whistles.

Check Nano Workouts weekly for new tips and exercises. And kiss your couch-potato guilt goodbye.

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