How many times a week do you misplace your phone? How about your keys? Your camera? If you answered "too many to count" to one or more of these questions, maybe you should consider the BiKN ($120), a combination iPhone case, app and series of tags for tracking commonly lost items.

To get started, slip the lightweight tags onto any thing (or person) you're prone to lose. The next time said item goes missing, your phone will use low-power radio waves to find it, showing you where the thing is in relation to you and emitting annoying beeps as you draw closer. You can also set up tags to alert you when stuff moseys out of a predetermined range, which is great if you're the type to forget your wallet on restaurant tables or have a child who regularly wanders off.

Can't find the phone itself? Use the tags to page it, which (unlike the popular Find My Phone app) works even if your cell is dead or powered off.

The BiKN's tracking range is currently 100 feet indoors and 500 feet outside. So if you leave your handbag on an airplane, we're afraid you're still out of luck.

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