With Oscar parties on the agenda, we've got entertaining on the brain.

So we were extra excited when we saw Joseph Joseph's new Double Dish snack bowl ($18), which solves the age-old problem of what to do with pistachio shells--or olive stones or cherry pits--when you're ready to toss them.

Essentially one serving bowl sitting atop a larger collection basin, the Double Dish provides easy disposal for "unsightly food waste." After all, nobody wants to stare at a pile of empty edamame pods.

This kind of clever design is typical of Joseph Joseph, a British kitchenware company started by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph.

We love the pair's make-your-life-easier products, like their wrist-saving, ergonomic vegetable-peeler ($7) or their dual-function Rinse&Chop ($15), which transforms from cutting board into colander via an invisible hinge.

The Index Plus set ($80), however, takes the form-function prize: Designed to reduce cross-contamination, it includes four cutting boards and corresponding knives, each color-coded by food type.

Now if only you could foolproof the Oscar party itself.

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