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We keep a pile of dog-eared travel magazines on our shelves for rainy days, but sometimes it feels like if we've read one story about the best bistros in Paris, we've read them all.

Satisfying our need to learn about more off-the-beaten-path escapes is Wayfare, a free online magazine full of quirky destinations and under-the-radar vacation spots.

The beautifully designed pilot issue, which premiered last month, plays to all types of wanderlust with articles on quaint Midwestern bed-and-breakfasts and sprawling South African vineyards. We especially love the coverage of unconventional lodging and globe-trotters, like this story on hotels in Sweden modeled after forests, a profile of a fourth-generation truffle forager and an inspiring how-to guide for quitting your job and traveling the world.

Captivating product pages showcase retro jet-setting accessories, handy apps and travel books that can all be purchased straight from the pages. (We love Alan Aboud's aerial photography tome, Above All Else.)

With copy and images this compelling, we may rethink next year's trip to Oahu for the off-season shores of Ontario.

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