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Sometimes we feel torn between our passion for sophisticated cuisine and our soft spot for grilled cheese and candy with the word "atomic" in its name.

We can now have it both ways. Below, our favorite foods intended for tykes but delicious (and healthy) enough for discerning adults:

Revolution Mashups When we came upon these adorable pouches of organic fruit purees at Whole Foods, in flavors like grape and strawberry-banana ($30 for a 24-pack), we knew we'd hit healthy-snacking gold--they taste remarkably fresh and make a great throw-in-your-purse, afternoon goody.

Y Water Unlike many flavored waters out there, this kid's beverage ($1.70) is nutrient-rich, low-calorie and totally tasty (our favorite is the "Brain" flavor, made from lemon and rosemary oils, with a special blend of zinc). Bonus points for the reusable (and cute) container.

Can Do Kid Bars While we love energy bars for an instant pick-me-up, we hate how caloric they can be. Can Do Kid's gluten-free, protein-rich offerings ($24 for a 15-pack) taste like dessert, but only have 170 calories (versus the standard 250) per serving.

Magic Milk Straws The name says it all. Just sip through these "flavored bead"-filled straws ($2.50 for 5) and any glass of calcium-rich milk becomes an instant treat. You'd make your mother so very proud.

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