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We love how social media keeps us updated on our friends' lives, but one more email notification that our third cousin's Facebook buddies like that photo of us from last summer's trip to Paris and we'll go postal.

Thankfully, you can de-clutter your inbox with Notification Control. Inspired by the site that helps you monitor what info you share with popular websites, Notification Control lets you manage what information said sites send you with easy access to often tricky-to-find account settings pages.

Turn off notifications from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or streamline what's sent to your inbox: If you're not concerned with how many Pinterest followers you have but want to see who's re-pinning images from your "Dream Apartment" board, you can update your settings in one click. Don't care that the head cheerleader from high school got a new job? Eliminate those LinkedIn emails about people you barely know while continuing to stay on top of job postings.

Notification Control works with 14 Web services, and cleaning up your alerts takes about a minute--a much quicker alternative to weeding through preferences pages or building more email filters.

Now if only we could curtail those correspondences from Nigerian princes.

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