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Valentine's Day--much like love itself--can sneak up on you. But you'd never forget presents for your sweethearts, right? Right? Well, even if you did, we've got you covered with these last-minute gift ideas:

? So it's too late to mail that love letter. But there's no shame in a tasteful e-card (no dancing cupids, please). We like these chic Kate Spade ones (free) or iPhone's Treemail app ($1), which lets you carve messages on a virtual tree for e-mailing to your special someone.

? If music is "love in search of a word," then a personalized, romantic mixtape is practically a Byronic poem. Make one in minutes using Dragontape, a new, super-easy service for creating and sharing mixes.

? Got a honey with a Nook or Kindle? Send a book of actual Romantic poetry ($18), Shakespearean sonnets ($1) or any appropriately amorous e-offering, for instant downloading.

? If you'd rather go the handmade route: Get crafty, quickly. All you need is an ink-jet printer and an old paper bag to create this adorable, DIY goody-sack. Fill with candy from your coworker's hidden stash (you know where it is), and you're good to go.

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