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You'd never cook with a second-rate cut of meat or a 20-year-old can of vegetables, so why would you stand for subpar or outmoded appliances? You wouldn't, which is why the GE Café line is perfect for your next kitchen upgrade.

From ranges and microwaves to refrigerators and Speedcook ovens, GE's Café line gives you the technology you need to take food further.

The GE Café Gas Cooktop, for example, was inspired by the ranges used by top chefs in commercial kitchens, with an innovative five-burner configuration, simmering burners that hold food at just the right temperature and a large griddle that's great for sautéing or stir-frying.

Likewise, the GE Café Double Range is designed with the ambitious, multitasking cook in mind. Boil and fry on the surface burners while you're baking or roasting two different dishes in the double oven below.

Indeed, each intuitive, sophisticated Café product will save you time in the kitchen while also inspiring you to take on culinary challenges that will reveal your inner chef.

After all, second-rate was never really your thing.

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