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"Fear of Missing Out" plagues us all. It's what makes you say "yes" too often and stay too long. And, most likely, it's the reason your DVR is full.

But while you were busy with Millionaire Matchmaker or The Biggest Loser, you may have missed something actually worth watching: the wildly popular Downton Abbey, a period drama from the UK.

The US viewers who caught it on PBS were treated to Laura Linney's introductions of the Edwardian, Upstairs, Downstairs-style scandal-fest. Think handmaids, butlers, patriarchs and heiresses--all fabulously costumed in an English country-castle, circa 1912. Did we mention it stars the unstoppable Maggie Smith? As the critics have aptly dubbed it: Anglophile lifestyle-heaven.

But if you missed it on PBS, fear not. Downton Abbey--which will renew your high-minded street cred and become your next obsession--is blissfully and instantly downloadable on iTunes ($3 an episode).

Plus, iTunes has the original, as-the-Brits-saw-it seven-episode series, so you'll get the full goods and one-up existing US fans.

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