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We love snapping photos with Hipstamatic and Instagram, but rarely do those cool vintage-looking pictures make it off our iPhones.

Jirko Bannas and Oliver Seltmann are giving us a larger-than-life incentive to show off our handiwork: The Hamburg-based artists turn Polaroids and retro-looking images into supersized installations that function as works of art by day and LED-illuminated light fixtures by night.

The duo scans and enlarges original prints up to ten times their normal size, then renders them as backlit wall hangings with high-powered light boxes, discreetly placed mountings and sturdy wooden frames.

The installations may look like hipster home accessories at first glance, but the luminous colors and exposures are timeless. (Plus, they light up rooms surprisingly well.) To get yours, choose from Polaboy's gallery of stock photos ($2,300) or special-edition prints by big-name photographers like Terry Richardson, Todd Selby and Mark Borthwick ($6,500 each). The works are assembled in Germany and ship worldwide.

Send Bannas and Seltmann an old print or a smartphone photo and they'll make you a custom Polaroid replica ($3,000). Though the wall hangings don't come cheap, they put those dinky picture frames to shame.

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