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Farm-to-table products may be au courant, but when California-based friends Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang began making tiny batches of Blenheim apricot jam, from a single backyard tree, they weren't trying to be trendy.

Word traveled, however, and it soon became clear that this was more than your average home-canning operation. So the aptly named We Love Jam broadened their offerings and distribution.

Working directly with local farmers to get the best ingredients--like Montmorency cherries and Pineapple Guava--the two-man operation crafts delicious, seasonal and often unexpected offerings, including Elephant Heart plum jam, Bing cherry-apricot spread, and the best caramel sauce we've ever tasted, made with organic butter from a 91-year-old creamery.

But we're most excited about their new batch of Fukushu kumquat marmalade. The old crop, from Japan, is grown on just one American farm, and We Love Jam remains the only stateside jam company to use this sweet Fukushu variety. Originality aside, we love it for the robust-to-subtly-tangy flavor and smooth, fresh-fruit texture.

Just make sure to keep enough English muffins on hand, or you'll find yourself eating it directly from the jar.

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