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Why is it that when we travel, we remember to pack seven pairs of heels and three hardcover novels, but always seem to (conveniently) forget our exercise gear?

Thankfully, it's now super-easy to exercise on the fly, with new hotel accommodations and technologies that have our out-of-town fitness covered.

Hotels You're well acquainted with underequipped "fitness facilities," but these days, hotels are upping the ante. Westin guests who forget gym clothes can borrow sneakers and apparel free of charge (and totally clean--the hotel swears), along with complimentary, local-running maps. Meanwhile, Sheraton offers downloadable, travel-friendly workouts and complimentary personal-training sessions.

Workout Apps There's also no shortage of apps for working out from the privacy of your room. FitnessBuilder, FitnessClass, and Shape mobile apps are all easy to download and use, but our favorite, the free Nike Training Club, lets you choose from over 60 custom-built drills featuring both audio and visual instruction. Plus, you can select tunes to pump you up, from your own music library.

Exercise TV Not an app-head? All you need is a computer and Internet connection to try Exercise TV's free, full-length workout videos. Just draw the blinds, display the "do not disturb" sign, and you're good to go.

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