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If you love your spam filter more than all the "LOWER MORTGAGE RATES!!!" in the world, we've got good news: You can now apply the same automatic binning technique to your physical mail, thanks to a totally genius (and free) new app.

Think of PaperKarma--which is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone--as the idiotproof way of unsubscribing from junk mail. Upon downloading the app and entering your address, all you have to do is snap pictures of the magazines, catalogs, credit card offers, etc., that you no longer want to receive.

PaperKarma will then contact the offending company to get you off the mailing list and send you a message when you've been successfully removed. (We heard back from them within 24 hours.)

In order for the process to work, you do have to follow a few simple guidelines: Make sure the name of the spammy sender is identifiable in the photo, confirm that said mail is addressed to you personally (things like "Current Resident" currently won't jibe) and remember that it can sometimes take a few weeks to kick in since many companies pre-print promotional materials.

Still, it's an awfully easy way to save a tree or two.

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