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Cecilia Carlstedt, "#4"; Sirichai, "#9"

Attractive, affordable, limited-edition prints may have once seemed like the art-buying Holy Grail. But in the age of Etsy and 20x200, the grail often runneth over--and without a thoughtful editor, finding the right pieces can be more trouble than it's worth.

Luckily, Stephanie Pesakoff, who has been cultivating artistic talent for years at the prominent creative agency Art Department, is here to help. Her new website, Stampa, brings that talent directly to you, offering up prints by a rotating cast of esteemed artists for limited, eight-week runs.

The beauty of Stampa is in this selectivity: Pesakoff and team carefully cull works from a small group of little-known but highly regarded illustrators at a time. (Currently, there are six.) Moreover, each print--available in a number of sizes both framed and unframed ($100 to $800)--is totally exclusive to the site.

Among the current picks are Bill Brown's poppy pen-and-ink creations, Thailand-born Sirichai's bold, graphic works and (our favorite) dreamy, collage-like portraits from Swedish illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt.

If nothing in the current batch suits your fancy, check back soon or put your name on the mailing list: New artists and collections are always on the horizon.

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