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Valentine's Day is the perfect time to let your honey know there's nothing you'd ever change about him. Well, maybe just a few things. Put it gently, by giving him one of these sneaky gifts, which happen to act in your best interest.

So you want him to...

Lend a hand in the kitchen
Grilled cheese. Mac and cheese. Boring! Expand your man's culinary repertoire with this T-Bone cutting board ($20) and trendy recipe collection, The New Brooklyn Cookbook ($24).

Lose the scruff
Smooches are more enjoyable sans 5 o'clock shadow. In God We Trust's classic shaving kit ($30), and Ursa Major's small-batch Stellar Cream ($21), will turn him totally kissable.

Get a style sense
You love him in jeans, but he sure does clean up nice. Drop a hint with this versatile, skinny-cotton tie from Steven Alan ($40).

Be more cultured
That dusty Sports Illustrated stack could use a heave-ho. Quietly replace them with a subscription to Lapham's Quarterly ($49). Each themed issue of this history-focused literary magazine features contributions from renowned historians and authors.

Fix that squeaky door
The Elemen'tary Screwdriver No. 3 Set ($68) will give him no other choice than to get handy. Otherwise, he's sleeping on the couch.

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