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Clockwise from top: Bo Barlett, Magical Thinking; Shepard Fairey, Obey Elephant; Matthew Cardon, "69 Cougar; Larry Moss, Mona Lisa. Courtesy of the artist and of

No ten-year-old wants to be dragged to a Byzantine-pottery exhibit. This said, children can and do appreciate art, provided it's presented in the right fashion. Enter LittleCollector: a new, online contemporary art gallery, created just for kids.

Working with some of today's leading artists--including Bo Bartlett, David Levinthal and Shepard Fairey--the site sells limited-edition prints that appeal to a child's aesthetic, at tyke-friendly prices ($40 to $250, with kid-safe framing options available).

While we unequivocally love the full collection, our favorite pieces--Cynthia Rowley's Elephant, Larry Moss's tongue-in-cheek balloon, Mona Lisa, and Matthew Cardon's photo series, Fast Food Fast Cars--are childlike in theme but sophisticated in composition. In short, they're things we'd hang in our own living rooms.

LittleCollector also includes an educational component, "Art 101," which teaches children the ABCs of art (we found it to be a nice grownup-art-history refresher too).

Regardless, as much as kids may resist forced cultural betterment, it can't hurt to start them early on the path to art enjoyment.

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